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Even the author's adjective choices were annoying and more in a manner of a friend writing about her than a subjective biography, which is what I was wishing for.

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The astronauts also conducted the first successful satellite deployment and retrieval in space using the shuttle's robotic arm. Ride had played a key role in the project's education and outreach efforts.

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She was a good student with a fondness for science and math. It was there she became captain of the tennis team during her high school years and competed in the national junior tennis circuit, ranking 18th in the semi-pro league. Her task was to assist NASA in the development of long-term goals for the space program. She was the only person to serve on both space shuttle accident investigation commissions. Ride became the first Director of the Office of Exploration. The mission launched on June 18, , and returned to Earth on June After 15 months with the company, Sally Ride set her sights on a project to specifically encourage girls to seek out careers in science. Seconds after lift-off, with thousands of Americans watching, the Challenger exploded into fragments in the air. President Barack Obama posthumously awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom , the nation's highest civilian honor, in November She received a Ph. Sally Ride came home to fanfare from both the press and the public. Sally K.

In — she held executive positions with Space. President in I mean consider a biography about someone heterosexual where the author constantly mentions that they were heterosexual or in a relationship with the opposite sex at any given moment.

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Norman E. See media help.

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Ride started her aeronautics career on the ground, serving as a capsule communicator CAPCOM as part of the ground-support crew for the second November and third March shuttle flights. I also found the childhood and tennis aspect dull and too lengthy, I would have preferred more on Ride's studies and doctorate research and her knowledge in general.

The author at one point states that she reacted by saying "Why didn't I know?

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Sally Ride: the First American Woman in Space