A story about car accident

A story about car accident

I photographed every angle I could. Important Points… It is always a good idea to summon the police when you are in an auto collision.

Drunk Driver Crashes into Car — A drunk driver collides with a vehicle and causes injury to three children, including one that was ejected from the vehicle.

Test Drive Turns Deadly — A woman is killed when she takes a potential buyer for a test drive and loses control of the car. Woman Crashes Car While Shaving — A woman rear-ends another car while she is trying to drive and shave at the same time.

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It's about a group of high school kids who thought they were just going out like any other Friday night and of course didn't think that anything bad could happen to them. You had the green!

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The next nine months were to be a test of courage and strength both for Carol and John When the birth certificate came through It read None of the children wore seatbelts. A child passenger suffered injuries. It was quiet. Their toddler was also injured. I slammed on the brakes, but it was not enough to prevent a car accident. In my mind I Related Posts:. He was one of the best apprentices at Andrea del Veronica and he learnt many things as a student.
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Car Accident Story; Personal Injury Settlement Tips