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In November , EADS announced that it was considering working with Japanese companies, and the Japanese METI , to develop a hypersonic airliner intended to be a larger, faster, and quieter, replacement for the Concorde , which was retired in October the same year. Due to lengthy negotiations and disagreements over price, BAE exercised its put option , which saw investment bank Rothschild appointed to give an independent valuation. It is a differentiator for Emirates. For Airbus, the A has been a painful experience. Citing reduced orders from Emirates Airline, a major customer , and an inability to find other buyers, the company said it would halt deliveries of the jetliner in In June Airbus was embroiled in significant international controversy over an announcement of further delays in the delivery of its A After investigations into alleged bribery , Enders is taking personal responsibility for the sales organization compliance. And the pain will continue. Republic now had no airline to use the airplanes. It was smaller planes at a wide variety of less crowded airports. This, too, is a leftover Bombardier deal. And the order book is inflated with the ghost orders.

The giant 4-engined plane, capable of flying miles while carrying passengers or more, depending on configuration entered service in Saudi ordered Airbus Aneos, with suggestions these would be in lieu of the A, but the order remains for now.

Those numbers are impressive on paper, but troublesome from a business perspective. Airbus owns Emirates President Tim Clark is an outspoken fan of the aircraft.

After successfully landing three hours and 54 minutes later, chief test pilot Jacques Rosay said flying the A had been "like handling a bicycle".

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It is a differentiator for Emirates. The companies collaborated on development of the Airbus range, but guarded the financial details of their own production activities and sought to maximise the transfer prices of their sub-assemblies.

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Sanctions against Russia affect delivery to IFC. This, too, is an indefinite deferral.

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In mid a group of Airbus engineers led by Jean Roeder began working in secret on the development of an ultra-high-capacity airliner UHCA , both to complete its own range of products and to break the dominance that Boeing had enjoyed in this market segment since the early s with its Airbus, too, has said that it requires US's approval to export airliners to Iran, because parts of its aircraft are made in the US. Many make it more than 25 years in service, or even longer, like a small fleet of s-era Douglas DC-9s that flew for Northwest and then Delta which acquired Northwest deep into their 30s. The company offered its supersized jet, a 6,square-foot double-decker, as a way to get more travelers on and off limited tarmac space. The first four As delivered to airlines already have been retired and the first two of them, including the very first one to ever fly in passenger service for Singapore Airlines, have been parked at a remote airport in the Pyrenees Mountains. But after just 11 years in service the A program already is on the down hill slide toward its eventual, unsuccessful end. They can capitalize on those parts of the pyramid that you could never fly an A economically.

Net income rose 29 percent in to 3.

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With The First A On The Scrapheap After Just 11 Years Airbus' Bad Bet Now Is Painfully Obvious