An analysis of the novel the spy who came in from the cold by john le carre

The novel explores the danger and intrigue of s era Cold War espionage and the individuals caught up in it.

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George Smiley, off-screen mastermind of this devilish brew of bluff and counter-bluff, is waiting for him. Finally, Alec Leamas mentions having read a book by Arthur Koestler, in which an old revolutionary faces torture. They drive away from the prison and make their way to the border. Chapter 1 As the novel begins, Alec Leamas, the head of the Berlin station for the British secret service, waits at a checkpoint on the Berlin Wall for his agent Karl Riemeck, whose cover has been blown, to cross over to safety in the West. I had always wanted to read the book after having seen the film. Two years later, at the time of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Mundt has risen from the field to the upper echelon of the Abteilung, because of his successful counter-intelligence operations against the spy networks of the British secret services. Leamas continues on to East Berlin, where he meets Fiedler, the second in command of East German intelligence. One forgets just how unsparing the book is, how the picture it paints of human motivations, human duplicities, human frailty seems presciently aware of all that we have learned and unlearned in the intervening decades. But I don't think this fully explains why I have reread the novel over the years. Then, after Leamas initiates the mission by assaulting a local grocer in order to get himself arrested, he gets Control to agree to leave Liz alone. During their drive to Berlin, Leamas explains everything: Mundt is, in fact, a double agent reporting to Smiley.

What made The Spy Who Came in from The Cold such a game changer may well have been its revolution of the standard spy narrative. During their drive to Berlin, Leamas explains everything: Mundt is, in fact, a double agent reporting to Smiley.

Two factors hinge on this bleak interpretation, both requiring that the reader remember clues planted early in the novel.

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This dark and gritty drama is not that. Karden then asks for his witness to be brought in. At the Berlin Wall, Leamas climbs to the top and then reaches back down to lift Liz over.

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Update this section! After the meeting, a man named Holten comes and tells Liz that her itinerary has changed and that he will bring her to a special meeting on the Polish border. Liz asks what will become of Fiedler; Leamas replies that he will most likely be executed. Together the men hatch a plan. This dark and gritty drama is not that. After his release from jail, he is approached by an East German recruiter and taken abroad, first to the Netherlands, then to East Germany, en route meeting progressively higher echelons of the Abteilung , the East German intelligence service. But when the tribunal halts the trial and arrests Fiedler, Leamas finally understands the true nature of Control and Smiley's scheme. Aug 07, Phillip Frey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who likes literate spy stories. His mother abandoned the family when he was five, and his father associated with organized criminals and was jailed for insurance fraud. He is demoted to work in the banking department, where he becomes an alcoholic wreck, then disappears from the Circus entirely after being accused of stealing. It means the very opposite of being "hard".

Liz is confined to a jail cell, but Mundt releases her and puts her in a car that will take her to freedom; Leamas is at the wheel. The Tribunal sides with Mundt and arrests Fiedler for making the accusation.

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