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Brutus and Cassius are very contrasting people; one man is better suited to be a leader of a battle and an Empire, than the other. Caesar arrived for the Lupercal in a chariot drawn by four white horses.

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In this, the role of Cassius becomes paramount. The tragic force is condensed into a few scenes for heightened effect.

Brutus delivers an oration defending his own actions, and for the moment, the crowd is on his side. Alarmed by the furor caused by Antony's speech, the conspirators and their supporters are forced to flee from Rome and finally, from Italy.

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A spontaneous celebration has interrupted and been broken up by Flavius and Marullus, two political enemies of Caesar. Certainly, this is the view that Antony expresses in the final scene.

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Julius Caesar demonstrates that, even if it is not always obvious, political judgments are rarely made independently of the morals and personal beliefs of the person making the decision. In any case the incapability to reason turns out to be a flaw, and in the instance of Marcus Brutus, a tragic flaw. Honor is a title one receives through their noble acts; but some honorable and strongly ambitious people may go as far as to give up their noble title to accomplish their purpose. Brutus reads the letters and, after much moral debate, decides to join the conspiracy, thinking that Caesar should be killed to prevent him from doing anything against the people of Rome if he were ever to be crowned. Mankiewicz 's film version. Time magazine gave the production a rave review, [25] together with the New York critics. The play ends with a tribute to Brutus by Antony, who proclaims that Brutus has remained "the noblest Roman of them all" [6] because he was the only conspirator who acted, in his mind, for the good of Rome. The preceding night has been a strange one — wild, stormy, and full of strange and unexplainable sights and happenings throughout the city of Rome. As Caesar predictably rejects the petition, Casca and the others suddenly stab him; Brutus is last.
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