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However, these services sometimes allow performing very critical functionality.

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SAP landscape, transport management system installations, etc Client creating, client copying, client deletion, etc Creating user, assigning roles, locking and unlocking users,etc Background jobs scheduling, job monitoring, job deletion, etc Profile and operation mode maintenance Applying support patches, upgrading and installing add-ons SNOTE applying and removing errors.

Furthermore, SAP XI provides a set of integrated tools for creating and managing all integration- relevant information Contd.

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Because of the close integration with Portal and Knowledge Management, it is easy to reuse their content. It is important that every application server can be configured differently and some services can be enabled or disabled.

Application platform WAS Purpose Purpose The SAP Web Application Server provides a complete development infrastructure, on which to develop, distribute and execute platform- independent, robust, and scalable Web services and business applications.

SAP Gateway service is another separate service. Easy implementation and consumption of business logic and SAP Backend system content using web and mobile applications. People integration Purpose Purpose People Integration brings together the right functionality and the right information to the right people.

It includes a overview of the mechanisms available as well as our recommendations and security measures to take to increase the security of your overall SAP system landscape User authentication and Single Sign-On This section describes the user authentication and Single Sign-On mechanisms available with the SAP NetWeaver platform, for example the use of logon tickets or X.

For example, the company might structure its clients around discrete business groups Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC or by geography Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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However, in reality there are multiple ways how they can escalate their privileges and get direct access to OS or Database where all data are stored without any separation. The aim of such applications is mainly the integration of different business systems based on ABAP engine. All functionality is provided by means of RFC Functions. SAP NetWeaver , launched in the year , can be defined as a system that is a compilation of different properties that helps in managing different applications through a single system at a much lower cost. SAP uses multiple platforms to build their business applications. Easy implementation and consumption of business logic and SAP Backend system content using web and mobile applications. It allows performing some functionality as a background job. The instance number is a two-digit value from 00 to Graphical User Interface designing for the presentation layer. You can manage a number of business entities in one system.

We will speak about them later, but as the first lesson, keep in mind that SAP is a very complex system with a plethora of services.

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Introduction to SAP Netweaver Gateway & OData for Beginners