Ap european history dbq 14

Think quickly about which one of these questions you can answer best in the time you have left and with the evidence you've gleaned from your analysis of the documents. If I make an error in scoring a question, I will correct any erroneously marked papers to give students proper credit for a correct answer.

Can you read quickly but have trouble getting your thoughts down on paper?

complex understanding dbq ap euro

Units of Instruction Click a unit thumbnail to go directly to an AP Euro instructional unit or scroll down to see review resources that I have made available for AP European History students and teachers. Click on the logo below to check out this incredible list! About once a quarter, you will take a lengthy exam with up to multiple choice questions.

Crafting Your Essay After you've finished reading and analyzing the documents, it's time to write your essay.

The scariest part of this course, the AP exam, which will decide whether or not you earn college credit for taking this course, is right around the corner!

I will evaluate your essay on this organization.

How to write a dbq ap euro

Connect with me on social media:. Generally this means that you use good sentence structure and paragraph organization, including the use of topic sentences. There will likely be a few sentences of brief historical background explaining the period. If the author was a Catholic priest during the 16th century, for example, it may be reasonable to assume that he was hostile towards Protestantism. Review and practice for AP exam weeks Post AP Exam weeks Write a movie review discussing its historic accuracy Legacy: Reproduce a work of art on a ceiling tile from any time period we have studied this year. Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that gives background information relevant to the writing prompt and a concluding paragraph that sums up your key points and demonstrates that you understand the significance of the topic for example, by relating the topic to other topics we have studied or to some element of contemporary life. We will practice your essay writing skills frequently in this class. Your evidence must be accurate, clearly stated, relevant to your thesis, convincing, and sufficient to make your case. How do they differ from each other? Map Your thesis is essentially a one-sentence summary of your answer to the writing prompt.

But wait! It is probably not reasonable to assume without evidence that he was corrupt, although this was a frequent charge leveled at Catholic priests in that time period.

how to write a dbq ap euro

For example, is it a letter, a political cartoon, a magazine illustration, a chart prepared for a classroom presentation by an instructor, a poster advertising a movie, a selection from a textbook, etc?

You will be presented with a short reading of background information, a writing prompt, and a group of about 12 short documents, usually drawn from a mixture of primary and secondary sources.

complex understanding dbq ap euro

In order to succeed, the evidence must convince a group of neutral observers the jury and must be strong enough to overcome the attacks of your opponent the defense attorney. Instructor: Christopher Sailus Chris has an M.

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Ch. The Age of Exploration