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Between andthe Spanish shipped about tons of gold and 16, tons of silver from America to Europe. Other Natives moved from place to place following their food supply. What defined a colony? When they attracted more listeners and training ministers, they got together to celebrate their victory.

To celebrate their good fortune they prepared the first Thanksgiving feast for themselves and their Indian friends. Faith and economics aspired the Puritans to come to the New World.

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Compare and contrast land ownership in Georgia with the other Southern colonies, especially for the purpose of increasing the number of whites willing to work and capable of bearing guns. In New England, the town was a local government which was fundamental to its politics. What was their motivation in coming to the New World? Having failed in their quest for gold, and also in their attempts to raise silk, citrus products, and other potentially lucrative cash crops, Virginians turned after to intensive tobacco-cultivation. Therefore, they ordered the colonization of California. How was the colony financed, and what was the significance of that? What situation was New Jersey left in? Chapter 1: Natives: 1. Nor were they much familiar with human difference people of different race, different culture, different language ; in this regard, too, they would undergo a severe jolt upon encountering the native population. Characterize the Puritans. What action did the Dominion take to enforce the Navigation Acts?

The Indians had experienced small parties of Spanish explorers and missionaries in the s and wondered what these newcomers would bring. Berkeley opposed killing off the Indians because it would end the profitable deer skin trade that he and his friends enjoyed.

The emigrants helped develop many new towns that enriched France.

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Forests must be cleared, soil prepared for cultivation, housing constructed along with barns and other outbuildings , roadways, fences and walls lined out, boats and wagons prepared for use in transport, tools and furnishings fashioned from whatever lay at hand. Chesapeake planters turned to African slaves to replenish servants who had become too scarce and expensive to keep. On May 24, , their three ships landed near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay area on the banks of the James River. In late , the Virginia Company set sail with about male settlers aboard. The New England colonists took their timber and fish to the West Indies. In what ways did conquest, religion, and geography interact in the Spanish colonies of the American Southwest? Was it all for good?

Its animating source was the clash and competition of European empires—a distinctly modern element. Read the book carefully.

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Good reputation was always, for these folk, a pre-eminent aim. In thinking about colonial development, consider the political, economic, and social structure of each colonial region. Characterize the topography of Carolina. At first, the very idea of creating new human communities in far-off lands seemed strange and perplexing. Since the Chesapeake colonies were fed much better and healthier than those in the West Indies, they survived longer. Penn thought that it would be best to make the Quakers a real religion by the King of England. What role does Oglethorpe play? The risks are great, but then so are the potential gains. In , King James had appointed a commission to investigate the London Company and their management of Jamestown. Powhatan was the paramount chief of about 24, Indians that were divided into thirty tribes. Secondary motivations included finding a sea passage through the New World to Asia and the Indies, establishing colonies and outposts to demonstrate English power and influence, and spreading Christianity and a European definition of civilization to the native people. Corporations that could not make it alone were often bought out by the aristocracy, who gave them more land. The mountainous coast also provided few well-sheltered harbors for shipping.

In latethe Virginia Company set sail with about male settlers aboard. These churches had thousands of converts. During the first half of the s, there was forty-five million pounds of rice grown.

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It was, in effect, a strategy of denial; and, for the most part, it worked.

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