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Although there are consumers who would normally be in the market for luxury cars they are forced to buy cars that are less costly.

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This makes the buying power of buyers a weaker force within the industry. Cross boarder alliances and mergers should be considered by BMW in order to draw near to the Asian car manufacturers. Looking at the macro environment BMW should carefully examine world sales of cars, customer's behaviour and shift in economy such as interest rates. This makes the industry prone to disruptions in the supply-demand balance, often leading to overproduction. Floricel and Langley On the other hand those at middle age, male with high income and preferences tend to pay fortunes regardless comfort, fuel usage or environment issues. For example, BMW can have different suppliers for its different geographic locations. The cost of the suppliers also has an impact on the profit that is produced by the organization. New firms or manufacturers trying to enter this industry may find it very difficult to try and capture some of the market share because some of the existing brands and reputations that has been well established. Below we will give a scale in regards to threat towards the industry. The quality of the products is important to the buyers, and these buyers make frequent purchases. This makes the bargaining power of suppliers a weaker force within the industry. Springer, BerlinHeidelberg, Germany, Clark , p References Ahlstrom, J. The product that these suppliers provide are fairly standardised, less differentiated and have low switching costs. People purchase BMWs, Rolls-Royces, Porches and Mercedes Benzes as a means of self-expression to satisfy their need for self-perception of achievement, success and status.

This makes the rivalry among existing firms a stronger force within the industry. Dawson, S.

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Customers could go from dealership to dealership and other BMW dealerships in the area in search of the best deal. It is acting as a competitors for Mini and Rolls-Royce that are also considered one of the top class brands in automobiles and are known for their wide variety of products.

This makes it easier for those producing large capacitates to have a cost advantage. In addition, global economic activity has been influenced by falls in equity prices and geopolitical tensions, including the related threat to oil prices, all having a negative impact on the economy.

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In this era of auto-industry consolidation, BMW is seen as a medium-sized business which could face problems in the future if it doesn't take into consideration strategic alliances.

Being one of the Market Leaders, BMW was very successful in adapting its Sales strategy with customer new needs and new preferences, BMW offered the 'BMW financial service to facilitate the customer financial payments utilizing the Internet technology and many payments facilities.

Rather than competing with Mercedes and Acura dealerships to see who has the most granite, Hyundai is bringing the consumer the car if they want to test drive it or buy it or they will come and get it from the customer if it needs servicing Special Report: Luxury Automotive Outlook, Figure 1 Special Report: Luxury Automotive Outlook, Based on the chart above, it is apparent that the market is trending upward, but clearly not as quickly as the industry would like.

There is a fierce competition in the global market of the premium car segment and the extent of differentiation between vehicles of each individual brand is significant.

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