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Tools for Brainstorming When it comes to brainstorming, a piece of paper and pen or pencil is all you need.

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Have group members write down as many ideas as possible. References 2 BusinessBalls. For Dummies: The Podcast. Black Hat — The critic: Cricits find weak points, specifically address the weak points, criticize ideas and also point out negative aspects. If you could build any business, or tackle any idea, what would it be? Green hat — The thinker: He may think in broad terms. The basics of a brainstorming process Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash The brainstorming process relies on two important keys: rapid idea generation and non-threatening communication. For example, use an existing product or service idea as a springboard and make adjustments or additions to make your own version of a new business idea. It steers us away from indecision while reducing the likelihood that we go too far down the wrong path. To inspire creativity, change the scene. Here are a few tools you can use: Idea Notebook: Keeping your ideas all in one place is a great way to refer back to old brainstorming sessions. How are the products and services sold? Some people can fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to generating ideas. Groups also have positive moods if they no longer feel stuck, so repeat this group process until you have had at least one mood-positive session of questions.

Shoot for a minimum of 15 questions in four minutes. However, it is important to note that the ideas must be consistently written down and also read through regularly Since the method can be used for each individual and is not tied to one team or one time, it is therefore recommended to take the time to work through it again.

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But whatever you do, try to avoid following the same train of thought for too long. Not only can brainstorming help you generate ideas that might not have otherwise been considered, but it can also help you better understand where your business is struggling, and where you need to focus your time.

The best questions should seem important or meaningful.

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Use provocations and random input though experiments to get ideas flowing. Everyone has his own way of categorizing, dividing and processing it. Establish rules. The main goal of the facilitator is to ensure the group is having one conversation at a time. Brainstorming keeps us moving and helps us avoid dead end paths. Record the results. It can also be a great brainstorming technique. The second step in organization brainstorming forks into two separate methods. The group you assemble needs to remain open to all ideas presented in order to develop a healthy idea-generating environment. Once you have the right questions, you can generate answers that should lead to ideas, and help you focus your business to-dos. However, you can use it to brainstorm a new business idea. Recorder: While you should write down your brainstorm ideas, sometimes it can be helpful to record them first. What resources do we need for this idea? Mind map apps: There are a host of free and low-cost mind map apps online that you can use on your computer or another device. The task or idea is then written down in a flipchart or whiteboard that is visible to everyone.

But you also have to look at these notes regularly and read them or play them through. From those words or images, draw lines out to subtopics.

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Brainstorm Business Planning Ideas with the LCS System