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China is a typical example showing the popularity of English around the world. Soon the Europeans began to grow jealous of China 's bounty of enticing goods and resources such as porcelain, tea and silk.

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In pursuit to put a halt to the trade imbalance between the two nations, Britain started to smuggle opium into China. The leaders of China were each very afraid of social reform, and the consequences that outside influence may have on their customs.

The task of converting China to Christianity was rife with challenges due to continued resistance to any sort of outside influence that was a tradition of China for many years.

This represents a time when Hong Kong is slowly pulling its influence away from China. Most of other countries, from central Europe to Russia and the other former Soviet republics have experienced a large decrease in output at the time of transition.

It directly challenged the cultural nexus of power, which held China together for hundreds of years. Not only have each one of China's historical and contemporary leaders had an impact on China as a nation, but many of their ideas have flourished throughout literature which has allowed other countries around the world to attain those ideas and learn from them.

China on the other hand did not have any need for European goods. These inventions changed China as much as they changed Europe.

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