Coca-cola case study the worlds most recognisable brand

To give consumers a clear depiction of thebrand, one must deliver a cohesive message across all advertising channels. All of this has been achieved through an extremely successful combination of global distribution and powerful local marketing. Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world, operating in over countries.

The design for the bottle was created in the early s when the bottlers of Coca-Cola faced constant threat of imitation of both product and packaging. Now people in more than countries drink 1.

Coca cola digital marketing case study

They stayed relevant and bring fresh, new ideas to their campaigns while ensuring that everything they do remains consistent with their brand message. He is also wearing bright red. Coke is a brand which also has the ability to work in ways which capture the imagination and bring a progressive feel to its activities. Click on a star to rate it! What we can learn from this campaign: Above all else, I think this classic Coke campaign should remind all of us as marketers to always be willing to try new things. Robert Woodruff had some other strategies too. Is brand value simply a function of business value? In Ernest's son Robert Woodruff, elected president of the company, decreed 'Coca-Cola should always be within an arm's reach of desire', setting down a principle which remains central to the company's distribution strategy today. Workers from a glass plant in Terre Haute, Indiana came up with the winning design. Designers were given the brief to create a bottle 'which a person will recognise as a Coca-Cola bottle, even if felt in the dark. Now people in more than countries drink 1. Supporting this, is one of the biggest and most widespread bottling and distribution networks in the world, sending Coca-Cola to all corners of the globe.

Click on a star to rate it! Coca-Cola was able to manufacture and ship products quicker and farther to market segments that were unreachable before these transportation improvements.

Product transportation became more efficient and cost effective with the development of bigger and faster semi-trucks, cargo ships, jet aircraft, and trains. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! The brand's personality has the values of an 'optimistic spirit, authenticity, leadership and sociability'.

Coca-Cola noticed this trend and took advantage of it. As Coca-Cola is the flagship of the Company, more money is spent advertising and promoting Coke than any of the other drinks. The company wanted to communicate to consumers that there was only one authentic, Coca-Cola.

The number of employees working with the Coca-Cola Companyto be exact is more than the population of many countries. Another aspect of this ad that makes it so memorable and effective is its ability to adapt to narrative structures.

coca cola pr case study
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Case Study: Coca