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For example, you might include a former job as a cashier if it helped you develop customer service or leadership skills. Quantify when possible. Review what to include in your resume, tips for writing a resume that highlights your qualifications, and download a resume template you can use as a starting point for creating your own resume. Three Key Writing Tips These tips are specifically for students, but are useful for anyone lacking in the professional experience department. Start a Discussion We're looking forward to hearing you thoughts! Crafting the perfect Education section is key to creating a successful college resume. As a recent college graduate, your education is one of your strongest assets. A concluding remark which illustrates how the combination of your skills and experiences makes you an asset to the company. Include the college you attended, your graduation date, and your major and minor. However, college grads can still write strong resumes that will get them hired.

Choose a resume format Potential employers will spend a short amount of time looking at your resume. If you have any work experience, include this.

Use a resume example like the one below or template to guide your own writing.

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The best way to achieve this to create a solid education section that highlights your greatest academic and extra-curricular accomplishments.

Edit, edit, edit. Our huge assortment of downloadable resume templates is completely free for everyone to use and a great resource to kick off the writing process. Consider featuring it as one of the first sections on your resume.

These three sentences can be broken up as follows: 1.

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Employers are looking for well-rounded individuals, so list a couple of the most relevant ones. Include any measurable successes you had with numbers where possible. When you use a resume template, be sure to tailor it to fit your own experience and qualifications, and the job for which you are applying.

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Describe how, during your college years, you have led or contributed to team projects, either in the classroom or as a member of campus or extracurricular organizations. Luckily, you can still write an offer-worthy resume without professional experience. Check out a list of action words for useful examples. You can see how she wields these examples as concrete evidence of her marketing ability. Whenever possible, include numbers to show your achievements. Include relevant jobs. You might also include any study abroad experiences. Then provide bullet points highlighting your achievements with action verbs during your time in those positions. Learn how you can leverage sorority or fraternity experience on your resume with our guide. Use keywords. Your objective statement should be brief and focus specifically on your current career-related experience as well as your developed skills. Most employers see a well-traveled student as a plus. Because you likely have limited work experience, emphasize any non-work activities.

Being able to do this in your own field is critical for landing a great internship — see if you can do the same!

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