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For Nate, there could be no more clear referendum that he need but endure through this evening, and then he would likely not see Josh and Patty again.

He'd poured over Bartlett's for couplets to filch.

The prospect of skirting fiasco seemed dim, but what he said next surprised even him. You remember Rent? So here with the tale of the scorpion and tortoise. And so he showed up just to show he was game. Or that time Josh advised me with so much insistence that I should grant Patty a little more distance, that the worst I could do was to hamper and crowd her, that if Patty felt stifled she'd just take a powder, that a plant needs its space, just as much as its water. They hang out. And it's one of those stories that never ended up on the air. And there were days when it hardly seemed worth it to live in a horrible part of town just so that I could go daily to a stupid, soul-crushing, low-paying job. For years, I've had this recording of him on my computer at work reading another essay on stage about his 20s. David Rakoff Our drunkenness was twofold.

Ira Glass In fact, David's been doing lots of rhyming lately. I think mostly because the beginning of the essay is about the Broadway musical Rent.

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An expanded version appears in his new book. David Rakoff played a cat, a cat who was also the prosecuting attorney in the courtroom.

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Rakoff was in the voice cast of the Williams Street animated pilot Snake 'n' Bacon. Inevitable, why even bother to test it. They screen their calls. And it's one of those stories that never ended up on the air. With a long illness, there are stretches of triumph that feel like cosmic rewards for good behavior followed by inexplicable setbacks that seem like indictments of your character. When David Rakoff filled in as host of our show, one of the things that he had to do was read the credits, like this one. Here's the version. I'm Ira Glass.

I think what it means is that central to living a life that is good is a life that's forgiving. And if you're just tuning in, we're replaying the program that we made five years ago remembering him, with stories that he did on our show plus a few other things.

In Rent, the characters live out their seasons of love in huge lofts. That he'd shown up at all was still a surprise. Just how would he manage to get 'cross the river? Most of his radio performances were recorded in the studio, but some were performed live. Especially since as deeply as I yearned to be creative, for years and years I was too scared to even try, so I did nothing. But there was also the intoxication brought on by the self-aggrandizing conviction that we happy few, we cheery booze hounds, were the new incarnations of that most mythic bunch of souses, the Algonquin Round Table. A warning to our podcast and streaming audiences, on the radio, we beep a few words and actually eliminate a sentence or two that here on the internet we are not going to beep and that we're going to restore.

David Rakoff Yes, I guess so. I was racking my brains, sitting here at this table, until I remembered this suitable fable that gets at a truth, though it may well distort us.

And Nathan would not give them that satisfaction.

I'm Ira Glass. They resented the menial tasks they had to do. Nathan dug in his pocket to study his speech. He became a U. Fantastic days are what you wish upon those who have so few sunrises left, those whose lungs are so lesion-spangled with new cancer that they should be embracing as much life as they can. Suddenly crash both hand down on the keyboard, then bring them quickly up to your head and grab the hair on your temples screaming, it won't work! Was I fated to take some final vacation to see Venice for the first and last time? During the day, the neighborhood bustled with lawyers, judges, criminals, bail bondsman, private detectives. Eventually he was able to earn a living from his writing, becoming a full-time writer in More about the Touareg at vw.

Most of his radio performances were recorded in the studio, but some were performed live. Coming up, how to give the winning toast at a wedding that you should not be at in the first place.

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