Developing a plan for tourism in jamaica

The Tourism Linkages Network is supported by a Tourism Linkages Council, made up of public- and private-sector partners who oversee the coordination and implementation of effective and sustainable strategies, which strengthen and facilitate linkages.

sustainable tourism development in jamaica

As tourism thrives, linkages with other industries continue to grow as well. Mobile roaming and wireless facilities for the internet are readily available island wide.

Tourism policies in jamaica

However, prior to , the industry was not organized. Highway links towns in the southern section of the island while the North South Highway incorporate towns on the northern section of the island. This Act provided the legal basis for the Ministry of Tourism to establish a mechanism for the collection of a small fee from incoming airline and cruise passengers. The island offers excellent facilities for tennis, golf and equestrian sports. There is a private jet centre in Montego Bay and four aerodromes serving small carriers for inter-island travel. Accommodation Jamaica has a number of hotels, large and small. The elements of the tourism product include accommodation, transportation, attractions and tours, dining and entertainment inclusive of festivals and events , and the support services. Increased local investments can be achieved through increased provision of services, developing attractions, and transforming small hotels and private homes to meet the needs of special-needs travellers and other groups. Tourism in Jamaica is all encompassing. It affects the life of every Jamaican. Jamaica has many fine restaurants which offer an array of dining styles in Jamaican, American, Continental, East Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines, among others.

These vary from high rises to hotels in elegant old worlde style, and small modern hotels. People are the foundation of the tourism product where it is the experience that counts. Building New Partnerships The Ministry of Tourism values our network of partners which include hoteliers, the business community, arts and craft vendors, farmers, service providers and community-based enterprises.

However, prior tothe industry was not organized.

tourism in jamaica then and now

During this time there was also a concerted effort to market the island as a health and pleasure retreat. The island also registered an increase of 5.

examples of community tourism in jamaica
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