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What has been the biggest asset of the whole 6-months course? The idea of tapping into and managing the knowledge that resides in people should be a key responsibility for HR managers as well as line managers and corporate executives.

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Resource based view suggests that organizations are successful when they possess resources and capabilities that are firm-specific that is rare, durable and difficult to imitate or substitute Afiouni, ; Mata et al. Figure 1: Human resource management process 2. Bringing the knowledge perspective into HRM.

Dixons hrm brief

Most of the participants have confirmed that they were glad to see the overall background of HR according to the most up to date knowledge and sharing of the best practices with HR Professionals from other companies. Related Papers. KM includes both knowledge reuse and knowledge creation Davenport et al.

Study topics are covering the same areas, however in different depth. This issue can be addressed by linking knowledge management to the context of strategic human resource management in the organization.

Internal recruitment is cheaper as it saves the company from having to spend on advertising and training of new employees and also motivates existing staff as they are given a clear career path.

Where by it is a role and designation that has gained popularity over the past decade.

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This is because as described by Hall, Knowledge assets, organizations do not have property rights on them. An example is company with technology as its competitive advantage over others should motivate and retain its employees to preserve its trade secrets and the knowledge is shared among the members either through learning or other methods that are dimmed viable to transfer it. Human resources and the resource based view of the firm. Dixons achieves this through a mixture of techniques, for example workshops and e-learning. The use of strategic human resource management in the management of knowledge can provide organizations with a significant competitive advantage. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to getting it right, Amita is responsible for ensuring our Temporary Staff are paid on time, every time. It is very important for human resource department to integrate with the other organizational functions like operation, marketing, accounts to acquire and retain the right human resource who are knowledgeable, with appropriate skills and abilities so as to sustain their competitive advantage.

Knowledge management practices within a knowledge-intensive firm: the significance of the people management dimension. Depending on the level of responsibility, the selection procedures vary in magnitude and importance.

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