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For more than a century, universal coverage advocates in the U. Having clear goals, consistent ideals, and unity is what makes a country powerful; so when any of these components are lacking, a country and its citizens will weaken, which is happening in America.

responsibilities of a citizen

Criminals must be made to feel that they have, not only the police, but also all respectable citizens against them. It will give you the understanding of everything which is going on around.

Even though we still have our defects as citizens, we should always remember the three components to being successful as a country and as a citizen of that country.

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Save water. One says, the State exists for the good of the citizen and that is true; the other says, the citizens exist for the good of the State and that also is true. The occupation of journalism itself carries an inherent risk; whether citizen or professional

responsibility of a citizen towards nation
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Essay on rights and responsibilities of a citizen