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Frames of Mind. Further there is a need for employers and employees alike to find flexible and innovative solutions that maximize productivity without damaging employees well — being, their family relationships and other aspects of life.

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Moreover their optimistic approach towards life goes a long way to enhance their QWL. According to Dadehbeigi and Shirmohammadi as far as EI development is concerned, researchers on EI fall into two contrasting groups.

Appraisal and expression of emotions in self, and Use of emotions to facilitate performance influenced maximum on work - life dimensions.

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Each of the participants was interviewed by the researcher in order to acquire a deeper insight into the problem area. The study will bring in sharp focus the major challenges encountered in these areas and the solutions that will aid IT organizations to deal more significantly in increasingly their effectiveness. This may be due to the fact that Emotionally Intelligent people are highly motivated and thus, meet their role demands without experiencing much stress. Through this study, it is concluded that emotional intelligence has greater impact on performance of employees. Use communication technologies and skilful time-management strategies to boost output. Pandey3 1 2 PhD Scholar , Supervisor 3 , Faculty of Management, Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun, India Abstract The concept of Emotional Intelligence EI has generated unparallel interest both in the lay and scientific fields; it has also become a topic of rapid interest for researchers and academicians. It can give a new dimension in the future to conduct such research on the employees of other sector also The study of data is purely based on secondary data. Researchers have been studying how and why people feel emotion for a long time so various theories have been proposed. What makes a leader? Regardless of the discrepancies between definitions of emotional intelligence, it is clear that what is being referred to is distinct from standard intelligence, or I. It can give a new dimension in the future to conduct such research on the employees of other sector also The study of data is purely based on secondary data. Keywords: Emotional Intelligence EI , Concept, Model, Measurement, Development Introduction Since the publication of the best selling book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman , the topic of emotional intelligence has witnessed unparalleled interest. Non intellective factors in general Intelligence. Understanding 4.

In case of paid maternity leave the prevalence of it was found to be higher than the awareness of the work — life balance programs. Dawda, D. WIF Role Conflict occurs when work related activities spill over or interfere with home responsibilities and Family Interfering Work FIW conflict arises when family role responsibilities spill over or impede work activities.

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But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way-this is not easy. Editor: Michael Argyle, reprint online on Google Books. Emotional intelligence.

Riggio, R. Training programs aimed at improving emotional intelligence can occur in several different areas of training and development within an organization, including management training, communication and empathy training, conflict resolution and stress management training, as well as self-management training and training provided to unemployed workers Cherniss, InAmerican psychologist Louis L.

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ISBN Goleman's model prescribes four main constructs and each construct consists of a set of emotional competencies. This study confirms that both emotional intelligence and work — life balance together create organizational success and develop competitive advantage for IT organizations. Scope of the study could give the projected scenario for a new successful strategy with a proper implementation plan. What makes a leader? Scope of study will can be helpful in future why some employees are outstanding performers while others are not. Leuner, B Human resource department should look at the uptake rates of policies across different areas in the organisation because this may provide clues to the existence of unsupportive cultures. Academic institutions endeavor to develop emotionally intelligent students in order to prepare them for working effectively in their work environment. Cherniss and Goleman, while critics on the other hand, fundamentally doubt the possibility of EI development i.
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A New Layered Model on Emotional Intelligence