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He just chose to create us, there is no purpose behind it.

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God wanted a creation that was in union with Him! So unregenerate humanity believes the lie, and is ignorant of the true God.

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Notice that a key phrase in the dictionary definition of love is the phrase "based on. The God I believe and the God that has changed me is the same God everywhere Essay Topic: LoveEmotion Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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The old generation is dead in it sins and transgressions. Loneliness sometimes does not leave us alone even while we are with others, however love is something that keeps us company even when we are alone. By faith in Jesus Christ we are born again - not into the material world, but into the spiritual realm of Christ's rule and dominion! When God came to earth and seen that the rain he sent needed man to care for the earth, he created man from the dust of the earth that the man would be working. Does God love us just the way we are or does He love us in spite of the way we are? He does not withhold His love in the training sessions, but He shows us the areas in which we need to change. Humanity is very religious and very imaginative. The faithful beliefs that God and Love exists, the skeptical say those are just myths while others spend their life looking for them in the wrong places. Didn't He come that all should be saved? God is very thorough in His training, for He has committed Himself to change us into the exact image or representation of Christ! The importance of love in life is beyond the logic of give and take. God has to awaken him to His love and life. Love fills our voids perfectly. This is the high calling we have in Christ Jesus.

Love fills our voids perfectly. Often this "intense affection" stems from a sexual attraction for that other person.

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The meaning of these words had raised my curiosity. Our minds may wonder how this can be possible, but this is the declaration of scripture. Love never fails. He created light, water, plants, and animal. These imaginations have resulted in the formation of many gods. He did, but those who are righteous in their own eyes, have to recognize that they are sinners, and repent of their ignorance before they can be saved. We didn't have to get clean, and we didn't have to make any promises to God before we could experience His love. His goal for all humanity is rooted in love. In Romans we read, "But God demonstrates His love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. We love based on feelings and emotions that can change from one moment to the next. So unregenerate humanity believes the lie, and is ignorant of the true God.
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God is Love, essay by Precious Jenny