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Every eligible person would have a job according to his aptitude and ability. Crime rate Crime rates in India are increasing day by day.

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The problem of pollution in our country too would be solved forever. The India of my dream is a land of hundred per cent educated people. There will be no place for such divisive tendencies in my dream of India. Peaceful Atmosphere for Study: Our educational institutions will impart work-oriented education, and as soon as students complete their study, they will find jobs awaiting them.

Illiteracy, communal-pan, economic inequality, social injustice and narrow-mindedness are rampant today. It is a large problem in India, which creates the bad image of India.

Everyone would have a proper house to live in. My country should come up to my Satisfaction: The India of my dreams would be a productive country where the citizens would highly conscious of their rights they are to enjoy, and the duties they will discharge for the nation.

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Our nation is a great development country by their talent and capability. It has been lost as the world has been rushing fast towards materialism; India of my dreams is an admixture of the virtues of the past and the realities of the present. Our farmers would be given every encouragement to grow more food grains and cash crops and make the country self-reliant in production. I want the country to be technically advanced and develop in all areas. Proper employment facility Our dreamed India should do the right jobs for every people. This will be a place where political leaders will be dedicated to serving the countries rather than fulfilling their selfish interests. I dream India to be a country where every citizen will be educated. They will be no more puppets in the hands of men. Abdul Kalam thought should be followed by the every youth of the country. It should distribute among every people. Image Source : i0. They represent the aggressive spirit of the people who fought against foreigners for centuries. Let us walk a step beyond the age of computer. We have provided useful essays on India of My Dreams. The government is taking steps to ensure the right to compulsory education and to open an adult education school, to ensure that more and more people have access to free education for their children.

Caste and religious issues India will be one of my dreams where people will not be discriminated against on the basis of their caste or religion. In many areas of work they are discriminated against. We are quite confident that by most of our problems will be solved and our motherland will reach the pinnacle of glory and grandeur in every field.

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Industrial development too would make further strides and we would not remain backward in any area of industrial advancement. A Network of Road and Railways: The India of my dreams will have good roads linking to remote places of the country. Even women who are qualified are also expected to take care of their family rather than working outside after marriage. The male chauvinism will disappear and women will enjoy the same status as enjoyed by men. They will be given a status of equality with men in every field. But alas! He was the right commander for making the India as the peaceful place. By the face of the millions of villages in India will have been completely transformed. To ensure education of all, the government should take urgent steps so that no child in the country is left free from education.

People would then have a clean and healthy environment to live in.

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