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Treat this as your end goal.

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Or breaking down a larger topic into subcategories, like different facets of digital marketing. The information and steps will vary depending on what kind of flowchart you want to create.

Business process flow chart template

See the example below for how to share in Venngage: When breaking down a process or concept into parts, remember to: Not overburden your chart with too many components, or it may become hard to read. Helpful Resources. Know what points to include in your flowchart. Consider using icons to emphasize and differentiate between points. Emphasize specific points. Talk with the participants in the process as part of your mapping to understand what they are doing. Not only can the colors help readers remember the information, it can also make your flow chart easier to scan. As with any project, you would follow these steps: Create a project charter or purpose statement explaining what you plan to do and hope to achieve.

The key for combining two flows is to keep the charts simple. Helpful Resources.

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How many steps will it have? Include a caption or brief description, when more clarification is necessary. Transformational refers to processes such as manufacturing or systems development, which take inputs and change their forms, either physical or virtual.

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7+Business Flow Chart Templates