Food availability

Looking forward The Eleventh Five Year Plan saw measures being taken to address the problem facing us.

factors affecting food availability

According to the Economic Survey 5the agriculture and allied sector accounted for As Sen emphasized, there is no technical reason for markets to meet subsistence needs—and no moral or legal reason why they should.

Annual Report Food availability is determined by food production and food trade FAO, Per capita availability of eggs increased from five eggs per head per annum at one time to 55 eggs per head per annum in The steps taken to defend the gains already made should therefore include pest surveillance and management and gene deployment for checkmating the spread of pathogens.

This causes migration — both seasonal and permanent — amongst communities that are forced to find more sustainable sources of food. The growth rate in area of total coarse cereals comprising jowar, bajra, ragi, maize, small millets and barley, was negative in all the three periods toto and to The yield of boro rice is high in Assam and West Bengal.

food availability in india
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Food Availability, Access, Absorption and Threats to Food Security