How do you cite a book in an essay mla

Also, be sure to include the date accessed and the URL. If the quotation will run to more than 4 lines in your paper, you must use a block format in which the quotation is indented 1 inch from the left margin, double spaced with no quotation marks. Sources With Three or More Authors There are a number of sources written or created by three or more authors.

EasyBib Plus can help you determine how to do in-text citations MLA and many other types of references! Date Month Year Accessed. Works Cited The entry on the Works Cited, the list of references at the end of the paper, gives the author, title and publication information.

Corporate Authors Numerous government publications, research reports, and brochures state the name of the organization as the author responsible for publishing it. Additionally, Murray argues that the purpose of writing is to "carry ideas and information from the mind of one person into the mind of another" A Writer Teaches Writing 3.

You do not need to give sources for familiar proverbs, well-known quotations or common knowledge. Rockville: Serenity, SuessMarilyn Monroeand Malcolm X topic guides!

New York: Bloom's Literary Criticism, Any source information that you provide in-text must correspond to the source information on the Works Cited page. Google Books.

in text citation mla
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How to Cite a Book in MLA Format: 7 Steps