I am nujood age 10 and divorced

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To whom should I speak? The Muslim religious authorities got the law repealed as they say that it is up to the parents to decide when to sell marry off their daughters. An error has occurred. A tiny wisp of a thing, Nujood is neither a queen nor a princess. It was as if the whole world had landed on her shoulders. As of June , Ali, now sixteen, has unofficially changed her name from Nujood, which means "hidden," to Nojoom, which means "stars in the sky. Her education wasn't advanced as originally planned. I have always recited the five required daily prayers. And this surprised stare, which feels as cold as the marble of the great hall where my cry now echoes strangely, will not make me keep quiet. Unexpectedly, over by the steps leading up to the entrance hall of the big concrete building, I spot what look like a few friendly faces in the crowd: their cheeks dark with dust, three boys in plastic sandals are studying me carefully. It is a hothouse for Al Qaeda and also faces an on-and-off war in the north and a secessionist movement in the south. It doesn't matter if you know the story, its still an unputdownable book - I read it without stopping until I finished it. There are a couple of reasons countries that marginalize women often end up unstable. Do you think Nujood will be able to protect her siblings?

The urban elites Nujood encounters in the courtroom and at the Yemen Times lead very different lives from those of Nujood and the country people of Yemen. How do you interpret the behavior of Mona, not only in her attempts to protect Nujood, but in her difficult relationship with her older sister, Jamila?

I am nujood age 10 and divorced

In Islam, because Mohammed, aged 52, married a child of 9, this early marriage and sex is considered perfectly ok. That is such an amazing feat, I am sure I can barely imagine the courage this girl had. Or do you think it may have caused dissension within the family and alienated them from their own society?

Credit Crown Publishing Group Publicity Yemen is one of my favorite countries, with glorious architecture and enormously hospitable people.

The crowd has gone, the eyes have disappeared, and the room is almost empty.

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Grown- ups say that this Arabia Felix has always been the object of envious desire because of its thousand and one treasures. What does the notion of honor mean in rural Yemeni culture, and how does it differ from Western ideas of honor? Around meI catch glimpses of familiar faces—or, rather, familiar eyes—from the angry crowd in the courtyard.

Foreigners covet its oil; its honey is worth its weight in gold; the music of Yemen is captivating, its poetry gentle and refined, its spicy cuisine endlessly pleasing.

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I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood Ali and Delphine Minoui