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And finally, no hoarder, profiteer or black marketer should be left with impunity.

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A drought or a flood is enough to disrupt supply and increase prices. Sometimes, there is over-production of some agricultural product in one State but it does not reach other States for lack of wagons, boxes, etc.

Anti-social elements like hoarders and black marketers never miss an opportunity to cash the situation.

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India is facing this problem. Corruption adds to the problem of prices. You might Also like. They have given rise to widespread distress, especially among people who are already living at the subsistence level and also among those in the fied income group, vi!. It is generally seen there is surplus production of wheat in States like Punjab and Haryana but this surplus produce is not swiftly transferred to other States. Unless political parties, government, farmers, laborers, government employees, traders and the businessmen and the consumers all give up their narrow selfish ends, the problem cannot be solved. This also gives rise to black money. Eperience tells us the only impulse to which a ma. To sum up, some of internal causes which precipitate price increases are ecess money supply, faulty planning, unrealistic import and eport policies, imbalance in production, rapacity among traders and ecessive increase in population. Prices are bound to increase in a developing economy and there can be no absolute price stability, as such. Deficit budgets should be discouraged. It is only when such increase becomes abnormal and persistent that politicians and economists feel obliged to sit up and ta'e notice.

Secondly, the mounting governmental administrative expenditure should be drastically curtailed as it is mostly wasteful and non-development expenditure. But the trouble starts when the income of the people does not match with rising prices. A modest increase in prices is not unhealthy for a developing economy like India.

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The fixed-income groups like salaried people, wage-earners and pensioners are the most helpless victims of inflation. Secondly, the same programmes of economic development as generate the new money incomes push-up the demand for certain goods wanted also by the consumer, such as agricultural products, fuel, housing materials and the like.

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