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They knew that Cory was this grouchy old man who wanted nothing more than to stay home at night with Topanga and eat cake, and they knew that Will — his character was so weird in the end, and so stupid, but in the most loving way. A few of the original cast members are back, and we wanted to replicate Boy Meets World as much as we could, so a lot of our crew from the original show is back also.

And it began to make sense that this show was not going to just be Boy Meets World revisited — that this show was going to be something different. I think he was just the type of personality that settled from childhood, and that suited him just fine.

You could say the same thing if you watch old episodes of Seinfeld. The original idea for the series was developed by Corey Marsh, an executive director at Disney Channelwho approached Michael Jacobs, co-creator of Boy Meets Worldto produce a similar series for a new generation of children as executive producer and showrunner.

My character is fine. I think it was mostly that we had all moved onto other projects and were living our lives, and this opportunity came up and we all discussed it at length, especially Danielle and I. I think that goes without question.

lee norris boy meets world

I think at that point in the show, the writers knew us so and we knew them so well, and they wrote based on our characters and personalities. If we just did the continuation of Boy Meets World, that would be fun for a few minutes, but we want to do another seven years for a brand new generation.

It was going to be Boy Meets World for a brand new generation of kids. You know, you just have to adapt.

Ward said, "I can't really share any show info, but it would be fun if the old gang got back together again!

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