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The higher you roll the ball, the harder it is. These actions are done without malice, only love for the person and concern for their growth. However, Jig loves him.

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This may result in the surrendering of responsibility. Responsibilities of a Black Belt to the Martial Arts Community and to Society Joe Capogreco's essay for the obtention of his second dan The Shodan student and students of a higher ranking, first and foremost, have a responsibility to self. They talk about self-love and loving others and how they relate to our individual health, wealth as well as emotional and mental well-being. We all exist and interact in society. The simple act of creation makes you a lover. In another way, the man loves Jig not too much. He is selfish man because he just thinks of himself. What don't we believe in? But in case you need reminding on how amazingly lovely you are, here are three reminders. We are also all students. Thought of the rules we live by. Each painting, sound, sentence, sculpture, performance and moment of pleasure you create is the beginning of a new conversation.

We are also all students. The use of the term "Black Belt" has, for me, a negative connotation, probably as a result of movies, television and possibly past immature thought. Similar to many of those who have the urge to create children in order to share their wealth, knowledge and love they have already accumulated in this world, you as an artist have the urge to share your abundance through your art.

He just wants her, nobody else. With this example of honor, we encourage others to improve, consciously or perhaps unconsciously, but to improve nonetheless.

It follows then that our sense of honor envelopes our whole life and everyone, and everything, that we touch.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Your Responsibility as a Lover