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The winner of the Competition will receive prize money of USD 50, This is what will boost our economy in the long run. Our alumni network continues to reach various parts of the Arab world, where entrepreneurs and innovators might not have had the opportunity to showcase their projects and give them.

The only requirement is to be part of a team. You cannot enter the competition as one person. During that day each team will also be designated a mentor who can help on the business plan, and lead them to a successful business plan submission meeting the deadline of 13 April Share this:.

Announcing the second round winners will be on 19 Maywhere 9 teams will qualify for the third round of the Competition.

mit business plan competition arab world institute

The application is available in English language only and should be filled in English too. As the competition is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in the Arab world, At least 2 members of the team should be citizens of the Arab world, and the business concept should be implemented in a country within the Arab world.

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The MIT Arab Business Plan Competition is designed to encourage all entrepreneurs in the region to start their own company and, ultimately, create a nest of leading firms in the Arab world.

It also brings to the Arab world all the MIT expertise in entrepreneurship and in running such competitions.

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The competition had already taken place across various Arab cities and therefore attracting the attention of diverse partners, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders from the regional startup ecosystem.

The competition believes that a viable team should comprise minimum 3 individuals. Our biggest asset is not only the successful startups that have gone through our programs; it is actually the people impacted by these innovations, whether in healthcare, edtech, fintech, or even ecommerce.

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