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You used the word love a second ago.

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We chose to use music as a way to combat this injustice. There are notable psychobiological consequences to this fusion. By katherine , June 17, LY: Completely agree. He pulls his hand away and turns toward the wall. In a flash of inspiration and broken glass, I realised I had been holding on to that thought for too long. For many reasons, my opinion was in favour of not both.

I got a full scholarship, but I still had to pay rent and support myself. People dropped to the floor as the primeval instinct took over.

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Worse than that, they get put down right? We wanted to remember these people [victims of police violence] and remember what happened.

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But the threat now seems closer to our actual front doors, because it is. They tend to be more embarrassed about it.

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So then, feminine, or whatever word we want to put in there — female rage — the only choice is to repress it and stamp it out. If we can temper this fear and befriend our anger we may find ourselves entering conflict more willingly and navigating it skillfully.

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When my anger was at its peek, the memory released from my body like a rising mist. It was partly the stresses of work that led me to the rage room. I want to know why a man who's worked every God damn day to provide for his family, to be a good man, has to die like an animal. In the story Baby Blue , which is blue, but only for beginners, no real sex in there, just the toys that people might use if so inclined, or maybe it is an allusion to Bob Dylan? Turn away from anger and we reduce our capacity to feel and respond to life from our power. You have to show kids what good and bad, violence and passion are — you have to show them. But, I beat myself up less and less because what a waste of energy. I define class rage pretty specifically. We started tentatively but were soon giving it everything. We placate their anger by trying to fix them or make them calm down; we reproach or judge them , perceiving their anger as negative; we walk or run away, or simply avoid them altogether. Anyway, there is a woman there who is lost. SG: It was like I had awoken from a dream.

But that only made it worse.

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Experience: I regularly smash things in a rage room