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The Chesapeake region was a loosely fitted society with little connection with each plantation while the New England colonies had tightly knitted communities with a sort of town pride. Tobacco proved very profitable and.

Therefore, the differences socially, politically and economically in the two regions caused the divergence The Chesapeake region was inhabited mostly by young men who come to the New World in pursuit of money.

Later, a Virginia Company of London, which was a joint stock company, organized and sent one hundred and four colonists into Virginia in Religion, political systems, and the types of people who occupied the New England and the Chesapeake regions, contributed to why they had evolved into two distinct societies over time. These issues were discussed in the town meeting which only men were allowed to attend. England in particular sent out numerous groups to the eastern coast of North America to two regions. Many Catholics, Quakers, and people of Scotch-Irish decent settled here. As a result, the differences in the motivation, geography, and government in the New England and Dbq New England vs. We saw the seeds of diversity being sown in the early days of colonization when the Chesapeake and New England colonies grew into distinctive societies. While both came from English origin and had dreams of wealth and freedom, differences began to form just as they settled and by the s the two regions will have evolved into two distinct societies. The use of indentured servants soon died out when Virginia, forbid the whipping of white servants. The right to vote was based on land ownership.

These settlers left Europe with much in common with one another. England in particular sent out a number of groups to the east coast of the New World to two regions. As english interest sparked in the new world, two colonies were formed along the east coast, Chesapeake colony in and New England in Therefore, the colonies were more different than alike.

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The right to vote was based on church membership. This treaty split the New World between Portugal and Spain. In addition, each region was comprised of dissimilar populations, skills and lifestyles. By , Britain controlled the entire eastern coast of North America, as well as a substantial portion of the Caribbean. Before the colonies of England united to fight their own mother country, they were not united as one. New England had elected officials to represent the people. Although these areas were colonized by the same type of people, many differences existed amongst them. Massachusetts Bay, or New England, Puritans were looking for a community wholly or at least predominantly based on religion causing conflict with the church of England. Other groups that split from the Puritans also came and settled in the New England area. They were both settled by the English, but they developed into two distinct societies. Virginia, the Chesapeake Bay area, was not interested in long-term colonization in America.

The region of New England, along the northern coast of the modern United States became a thriving area of shipbuilding and fishing colonies. These two regions were known as the Chesapeake and the New England areas.

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These two regions had developed different political, economic and social system in their regions. They were well educated and often wealthy merchants and artisans.

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The colony of Maryland was intended as a sanctuary for Catholics after being mistreated when the Catholic Church separated from the Church of England.

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