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As a class, discuss fact versus opinion. Transference -- the association of a respected person with a product or idea. What countries or bodies of water border the country on the north, south, east, and west?

Newspaper report worksheet

What is the capital of that country? Students can read their articles to the class or work in pairs to share their work. Identify the parts of a newspaper Identify the format of a news article Write a newspaper story Use ICT equipment and software Layout and publish a classroom newspaper Session 1 Hold up a sample front page from a selected newspaper. Discuss each ad, and determine the propaganda technique s used. Also includes a blank template without an image so that your children can add their own. As a class, discuss fact versus opinion. Ask each group to report back to the whole class what members noticed was contained on the front page. Students should notice similarities between different newspapers.

Have the students share their stories with a classmate using the following questions to guide their discussion: Were changes made to the lead? How do they vary?

Give an example of your own newspaper reading habits.

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Discuss in pairs and report back to the class for further discussion. How to Use Newspapers in Your ESL Classroom 1 The role of newspapers in our lives Talk about the role of newspapers in daily life as a whole class, in pairs or in small groups. Which were least effective? The end quote is a good way to sum things up. Ask students to search the newspaper for information related to each category and to write a question based on the information they find. Refer to original articles as needed for examples of fact-based stories. Ask students to browse through the newspaper, find five unfamiliar words beginning with the assigned letter, and look up the definition of each. Make a list of parts on the board. Drama methods include freezes, improvisation, interviews, hotseating and presentations, and the scheme is also great for prompting further creative writing activities. Five Planning Templates — Five templates that your children can use to plan their newspaper reports. Have the groups again report to the whole class what types of items they noticed in their paper. Discuss as they read, explain grammar and meaning of unknown words. What does the advertisement tell you?

Arrange students into teams, and use the question-and-answer combinations to play a Jeopardy type of current events game. Reviews from our members:. Display the headline-less stories on a classroom bulletin board.

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How to Write a Newspaper Report