Purchasing behaviour on skin care products essay

According to Mardsen the popularity of organic beauty products is increasing as time passes mainly because of concerns related to health, hygiene and environment. There is no use of any numerical data as it of no use in qualitative research type.

According to Newsom et al. The questionnaire designed for this study ensured that the key factors of motivation and the scope of the study was clearly targeted and the insights generated was sufficient enough to analyze the key aspects of the research and understanding the key determinants of influence.

Consumer behavior skin care

Brands are also link with the activities of the companies. Introduction 2 2. From the investment perspective, though many big listed companies have a presence in the various sub-segments of the industry, HLL is the only listed company that has a visible presence across all segments. It is clear that the organic beauty products are the one that are highly useful for the skin, and it enable people to avoid any kind of infections or side effects Saunders and Watt, They need to ensure that the people to whom they are providing their product should enjoy the status symbol. On the contrary the impact of ad campaigns on the perception level of customers in Italy and Austria is very low also because the level of awareness in these countries are very low. According to Prothero and McDonagh, the perception could be easily built by the company as per their marketing campaign or the strategies. Here attention has been referred as a state where the individual pays attention towards the product intentionally and just focus on the collection of relevant and useful information about the product. Other than this the major element is the attention that is equally responsible for affecting the perception level of customers. Inductive approach is the one where the researcher observes the feasibility of any scenario and then reached out at some sort of conclusion Merriam, Quantitative research type is generally highly complex in nature Flick, Some of these products are used for clarification and purification of the facial skin from dust and harmful rays of the sun while others are used for toning. If the listening stops, the solutions are no longer the result of consumer understanding, but merely the products of the experiential biases of the solution creators. Therefore, these ethical aspects have gained priority.

From the findings, it was found that consumers do care for it. Descriptive, exploratory and causal research design these are three types of research designs that could be used by the researcher Muijis, Thus, these image solutions are a function of listening to the consumer.

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The low attractive prices of the fashion products drive the customer to buying the product. The industry manufactures products like astringent, face cream, face scrub, face toner, moisturizer, cleanser, etc.

On the contrary the impact of ad campaigns on the perception level of customers in Italy and Austria is very low also because the level of awareness in these countries are very low. The words of the former FBI cheif have been supported by various scholars and researchers who have sited various drawbacks, problems and threats associated with counterfeit trading.

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Monthly Household Income — This question helps us in indentifying the purchasing power parity of the consumer and help understand if the consumer who can actually pay for the expensive brand goes for the counterfeit look alike products Sharma, Frequency of Purchase — This determines the genuineness of the participants based on the consumption pattern of the customer and see the factors of motivation between the customers who buy regularly and the ones who are not so frequent buyers of the counterfeit products.

So it was very important to decide and select a appropriate location to conduct the survey for the research work.

Purchasing behaviour on skin care products essay

This image, when confronted by a need state translated itself into a purchase decision. The nail polish market is the largest at Rs. The purpose of the study is to determine which factors influence the buying behaviour of the consumer. Also Allen argues that values can serve as the very strong foundation for evaluations and preferences for products consumers conduct and have. The scope of differentiation in the viewpoints is common scenario in the interpretive research philosophy. The description of various themes is given below: Theme 1: The people have awareness about the organic beauty products. The study objectives involved recognizing the factors of incentive of purchase from the conceptual thorough analysis of the already done research literature by many prominent scholars and researchers and quantify and pinpoint important factors in the Indian fashion market context via a questionnaire constructing an positivist approach for the methodology. In ensures that the company is able to bring the brand so close to the consumer that the brand creates a special place for itself in the consumer's mind Imagery is everything.
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Purchasing Behaviour on Skin Care Products Essay Example