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Private sector initiative sparked a remarkable boom in investment and development activities. Although tall buildings are being constructed in few numbers in other cities at the country, almost all the existing and under-construction tall buildings of the country are located in the capital city.

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Business Plan For Franchise. A new type of residential development has come on the scene, which can be broadly termed as apartment development. It is estimated that about 1.

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Whereas in the past extended or joint families were the norm, in the last two decades, nuclear families consisting of parents and one or two children have become more prevalent. In some parts density of over 38, persons per square kilometer , persons per square mile exist, with an average of 3 stories for pucca development or one story for kutcha development. Use of appropriate and simple technology is essential to improve construction productivity. Rather than constructing matchbox type structure more intimate and personal design elements can be incorporated in high rise blocks. Each path consists the market segmentation they will serve; the quality they have to nourish and the analytical approach each will follow to sustain their position. But urban expansion takes place even in such marginal lands through gradual earth filling. Most of the apartment complexes and high-rises provide spaces for community activities within the premises. The trend of urban growth in this country is about 3. So, they created so many sky scrappers all around the city to accommodate people migrated from rest of the regions. The company also serves corporate clients; including Developers, Real Estate Agents, advertisers, content publishers as well as major investors.

Today about architects and consulting engineers are directly supported by this sector; over graduate engineers are holding management positions in this sector and almost diploma engineers are engaged by this sector. There are low lands, liable to annual floods, and to deep flooding during abnormal floods.

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A comprehensive and pragmatic housing policy should be adopted by the government, which will expedite housing developments. A private housing-bank could be set up for financing housing development as in the absence of such a bank; land developers and promoters are very much handicapped. The main fact they nourishing from the very beginning is broad image and as a very old real estate they have had the privilege of creating customer relationship and making up so many corporate and trade making clients. But the fact is that, the major competition in apartment business rises for localization. At the beginning of the new millennium world economy flourished and had its impact on the country. Thus the firm applies innovation as the most effective tool. The purpose of writing a business plan is to actually research and find out more about the business venture that you have in mind. Apart form the government sector, public sector is now playing a vital role in the urban development process. Business Plan Pl Template. In the apartment development got a boost and was growing until when the caretaker government assumed the power of the state and the overall business in the country was on the decline. Only 3. Although it was a land developer initially MPD is now deriving all the wings of residential, social and commercial structures. In the case of construction activity, which is acknowledged to be essential for virtually every type of development, an increase rather than a decrease is desirable in all developing countries.

The population growth rate of the city is 4. Chapter-3 Interaction of Urbanization with Population Growth 3. The company also serves corporate clients; including Developers, Real Estate Agents, advertisers, content publishers as well as major investors.

As a result apartment-owning is becoming increasingly popular.

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