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Backup Passphrases for Encrypted Storage Devices Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the ability to encrypt the data on storage devices, assisting in the prevention of unauthorized access of the data.

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Support for these devices should be disabled and the devices themselves should be Removing the "telnet-server" package decreases the risk of the unencrypted telnet service's accidental or intentional activation.

Protection of this file is critical for system security.

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Mitigation: If the telnet-server package is configured to only The xinetd service provides a dedicated listener service for some programs, which is no longer necessary for commonly-used network services.

High The rexecd service must not be running. In this release, libvirt features the new sVirt component.

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This data can be used as an additional log source in the event a system is compromised and its local logs are suspect. Vendor-provided cryptographic certificates must be installed to verify the integrity of system software. Removing it decreases the risk of those services' accidental or intentional activation. High The rlogind service must not be running. High The rexecd service must not be running. Accepting "secure" ICMP redirects from those gateways listed as default gateways has few legitimate uses. Configuring this setting for the SSH daemon provides additional assurance that remote login via SSH will require a password, even in the event of misconfiguration elsewhere. Accepting ICMP redirects has few legitimate uses. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides the ability to save encryption keys and create backup passphrases. Using the sandbox, system administrators can test the processing of untrusted content without damaging the system. Protection of this file is important for system security. V Medium The operating system must support the requirement to centrally manage the content of audit records generated by organization defined information system components. Support for these devices should be disabled and the devices themselves should be We decided to re-evaluate our commenting platform to ensure that it meets your expectations and serves as an optimal feedback mechanism. The rexec service uses unencrypted network communications, which means that data from the login session, including passwords and all other information transmitted during the session, can be stolen

Preventing reuse of previous passwords helps ensure that a compromised password is not reused by a user. Security Note The Security Guide assists users and administrators in learning the processes and practices of securing workstations and servers against local and remote intrusion, exploitation and malicious activity.

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