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Includes reflections and what he might do if he could do it all over again.

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Computer Assisted Language Learning. Meanwhile only eight respondents which is Moreover, using the tape recorder can help students record their own statements and hear again. The usage of CALL in classroom can help students to learn the language better in a different environment. Core Features for an Action Research Project All of the examplar projects meet the following criteria: 1. Learning another language is a difficult task and advances in slow, steady increments. Research Question 2: Do students find technology helpful in boosting their confidence in learning English? Meanwhile, 7 of them did not have the confidence in using CALL.

The result of the pre-test was found to be incoherent because the respondents gave different answers for the similar items. The next chapter will discuss on the findings from previous researchers. In this study, the researchers adapted questionnaires from various researchers that only focused on two phases, which were Communicative approach and Integrative approach.

Students can self-correct, use dictionaries, and take time to search for the right words or for reflection. They claimed that the students in Thailand had positive attitudes toward using Facebook as a means of learning grammar and writing because Facebook provided them a convenient and attractive means to engage in discussions with the teacher and other users who had better grammatical knowledge.

To identify preferred platforms used by the students in learning English. They also claimed that students can construct new knowledge after they interact with other people on Facebook.

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Some studies were conducted to see the difference of level of confidence between male and female in using CALL. This means that writing a research paper on that area is a necessity, something that comes with a given responsibility.

It is hoped that the usage of CALL will help students to overcome their problems in gaining self-confidence in learning English language.

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Compares this and last year's students' test score for this course. The author believes that these statistics are disappointing as the percentage of those using tape recorder should be higher since this method is easy to use, has low cost to own, and it can be easy moved from one place to another. We have highly qualified and professional action research paper writers from a wide range of academic fields who are always willing and ready to help and they never rest at nothing less than quality action research paper for you. Almekhlafi investigated student attitudes with regard to the effectiveness of CALL. The result that was shown in the bar graph will determine their level of confidence. It is always important to follow the institution guidelines accordingly. Seeking our action research writing services is the best choice to ensure your expectations come true. Generalizing the topic could may require examining research on the value of need assessments, the processes associated with needs assessment, or how to a conduct needs assessment. It just depends on the willingness of people to either use it or not as for example in the world of education where educators can use part of technology as a learning tool. Students are reluctant to communicate in English, especially in conducting activity that requires them to use the language. New York: Teachers College Press. Researchers plan to use this method because it involves numerical data which later can be calculated easily.

Subdivides one class into four groups during third and fourth quarters of the school year. Also surveys other students as well to provide context.

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