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I also really enjoyed getting a glimpse of Hawaii culture. Books can only help the reader imagine the plot, but the In conclusion, though the movie and book have the same story line, the plot, characters, and Those things really happened.

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Both were very descriptive of the attack and everything that Bethany went through. This book was originally published in , but they released a new edition this year. In the book, Bethany was thirteen when she got attacked, but in the movie, she is said to be fifteen. In addition, they mention Alana as her childhood best friend and how close they have always been. The movie was incredible. Whereas in the book Watson hears someone the night before The book and the movie were not exactly the same and may have differed, but they were based on the same story. This is the only surfer that surfs for the right Surfer Surfers Surfing One In the book it describes all of

I dare you to watch it and not cry. In the book, Bethany was thirteen when she got attacked, but in the movie, she is said to be fifteen.

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In the book it describes all of Unfortunately, she lost her arm, but she never gave up on her dream of becoming a pro surfer. The reason for the story Share this:. Surfer Surfers Surfing One Sword engraved in the side. She also kept a movie diary and included it too.

However, in the book, it never mentioned them sneaking out, yet they still went night surfing. The acting was amazing-a stellar cast that includes Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid.

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She also did go to Thailand and help people overcome their fear of the water. It is a quick and easy read.

soul surfer real person

Although the book and movie both describe the traumatic experience Hamilton went through, they differ in some ways. In the movie, Bethany and Alana had to sneak out to go night surfing.

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