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Look for key phrases and try to integrate these into the text of your proposal. Provide concrete details and examples when it comes to your particular skill set.

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Be afraid to ask your recommenders for specific kinds of details or inclusions in your recommendation letter. Photos courtesy of the individual members. Do Not Be Intimidated By The Grant Writing Process Organizations must locate suitable grants, review the grant criteria and timelines, start writing and repeat this process.

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Have statistics. Working with another writer may open the doors to other types of grant writing which can help you improve and broaden your own grant-writing skills. The application is due in ten days! Don't be afraid to stand out. The latter is a much more difficult and competitive means to achieve your financial goals, but it pays off if you're able to secure a one — a single grant from the government, corporations, foundations and trusts will typically yield a much higher return than any individual donor could give. Scroll through the findings and look for state and federal grant-making agencies that have published calls for grant application peer reviewers. Answer their questions. All the advice here comes from the school of hard rocks and hard knocks. Look for key phrases and try to integrate these into the text of your proposal. The Big Picture: If not explicitly discouraged, try to get in touch with the grant program officer or someone else who can offer you more insight into what the funding body is looking for. Make sure to look into any internal IU requirements or deadlines for the opportunity. Ideally, your organization should work on its grant proposal for at least a month. For more information on grant writing and securing new sources of funding, be sure to check out these additional resources: Our grant proposal template. Use Bold, Clear Language Your application is one of possibly dozens, even hundreds. Striking this kind of balance in your grant proposal is an effective way to make sure your case for support is both persuasive and moving.

As such, you should… Tailor your proposal to a broad but educated audience; keep in mind the chances are quite good that, unlike in academic writing, your readers will not have the same familiarity with the literature and terminology of your field.

Where you can, have a reference.

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Maybe you only work with government grant-writing projects or exclusively write corporate grants.

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Council Post: Writing A Grant? Seven Smart Tips To Keep In Mind