The role of experience and evaluation in art evaluation

Oil because of its richness of colour, canvas because of its adaptability. Ingres would even choose certain subjects eg. And how a painting is laid out is vital since it largely determines its visual impact.

So to help you analyze the situation, here are some questions to ask yourself about the painting.

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Why has he laid them out in the way he has? The result has to be an emphasis upon negotiation and consensus concerning the process of evaluation, and the conclusions reached. In the end though, informal education is fundamentally an act of faith.

It can be displayed in any realm in which the character, import, or value of objects, situations, and performances is distributed and variable, including educational practice.

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Brushwork can be tight slower, precise, controlled or loose more rapid, more casual, more expressionistic. What message if any does the painter have for us?

Human perception of art

Evaluations can be summative or formative. In other words, they evaluate the situation and their part in it. Last, evaluation if it is to have any meaning must look at the people involved, the processes and any outcomes we can identify. The problem of indirect impact. Three key dimensions Basically, evaluation is either about proving something is working or needed, or improving practice or a project Rogers and Smith Useful US annotated bibliography. Where you are forced to fill in forms that require the answers to certain set questions we can still use the evaluations that we have undertaken in a participatory manner — and there may even be room to bring in some references to the broader literature. Good informal education aims to achieve a ripple effect. What Materials were Used in the Creation of the Painting? Evaluation 3 1 : The lesson?

Critics, however, must render these qualities vivid by the artful use of critical disclosure. An example here is group or club membership.

Bogdan and Biklen continue by saying that its practitioners marshal evidence or data to expose unjust practices or environmental dangers and recommend actions for change. Merriam, S.

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There’s an Art to It: Exploring Creative Evaluation