Thesis project management bbs 3rd year

Project work report for bbs 4th year

Poverty has stood as a serious challenge to the country. Firstly, they made their houses by branches of trees. Chaitra You should also review your work to identify any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure etc. If you find weaknesses, you can remove or correct them. Banking system can be considered as the life blood of the economy. S eliminating Dairy Development Commission. The appendix is a storehouse for the tabulations, charts, maps and other illustrative materials which are needed to substantiate points made in the text but are not closely enough related to the discussion to warrant their being placed in the text properly. Industrialization measures the value-added components in agricultural products and helps to right the labour force from agricultural to industrialization. Revision is not merely proof-reading. However, certain suggestions are given in this paper for you to consider. So, this paper has included formats of fieldwork report both in English and Nepali as prescribed by Office of the Dean, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University and procedures to be followed in preparing the report.

After some editing work is done, the data would be somewhat revealing. The wider the scope of the report, the more extensive the introduction required.

A report is simply a statement or description of things that have already occurred.

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Therefore this country should be well informed about the needs significant of industrialization. A summary is a brief narration of the entire report including the major findings.

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It is the only truly effective way in which you can communicate with your examiners about the interesting findings of your work and the new knowledge you have generated. These are not the same thing.

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Then, rewrite where necessary.

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Project management thesis for bbs 3rd year