Thesis statement for offshore drilling

Positive test results guide the company in proceeding with the drilling of a development well.

is offshore drilling bad

Drastic changes will need to happen if we are going to continue to enjoy living in a very advanced and prominent country.

Many people would rather having food on the table today, than starving themselves knowing the landscape is preserved. However, the U.

Effects of offshore drilling

It is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. After centuries of being under pressure and heat, this once marine life and vegetation slowly transformed into the substance we call oil. Offshore Oil Drilling Offshore oil drilling is a process that involves drilling of wellbores below the seabed. The Earths' natural reserve of crude oil is finite; it is not a renewable resource. Cover letter for graphic design student Verified Environmental Statement oil spills happen mainly due to captain and crew errors. Currently, the conventional approach is to aggressively explore and develop new fields. However, the U. Arguments about whether or not to revive nuclear power, should we drill for offshore oil, and is global warming something that needs our immediate attention. However, in the case where a spill actually occurs, there should be efficient procedures in curbing and minimizing its effects. The petroleum company is the main contributing factor of the GDP in the West African nation, which is also the continents, most noticeable and populous reserves. The oil companies need to use drills specifically designed to operate in the oil sources. Oil spills are a cause of accidents on oil drilling platforms, and these spills affect the environment, economy, and tourism industry Although accidents happen, the coastal workers continually strive to keep the beaches clean for the tourists that visit regularly.

During oil spill response, efforts should be made in ensuring minimal environmental damage; the wildlife should not come in contact with the spilled oil. Areas that we be covered vary across the spectrum of everyday society and environmental aspects.

Crude oil is held in a reservoir by a salt dome, or by a fault, where the surrounding rock is impermeable; the ceiling of the reservoir is called a caprock This shows the extent to which offshore oil drilling occurs in the United States.

Policy Recommendations: Oil spill prevention and response in the U.

Offshore drilling threats

Congress established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in , over the strenuous objections of oil companies like Exxon and British Petroleum Crude oil is found in layers of sedimentary rock, typically limestone and sandstone, where it has been trapped for millions of years. Feel free to change a thesis statement if you feel you can improve it. They curb the effects of such challenges through the use of stable, large and self-contained platforms in drilling wells. It became the motto for many pro-offshore drilling advocates, including vice president Republican nominee Sarah Palin. It has been observed that whenever the oil prices increase, the prices of various products also increase. Since this rock formation is know exposed to the surface conditions, it becomes eroded and weathered. The management of discharges should focus on the sea floor terrain, climate and existing regulations. The Background The crew of Deepwater Horizon began their day on April 20, like any other day they would miles southeast of Houston in the Gulf of Mexico GOM , however, the events of the day would forever change them and the offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction field indefinitely. After removal of the rig, the crew installs a pump on the well head. It involves pumping water, chemicals and usually sand underground at high pressure to fracture shale and release the gas trapped within to be collected back at the surface

Most of the U. Political debate over how the U.

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