What is the right supply chain

Efficient supply of functional products Companies have putted a lot of effort to reduce physical costs in their production line. Devising the ideal supply chain that can best satisfies the demand.

This involves various other activities which is required to add value to the product along the supply chain like procurement, sourcing and conversion of the products. These products have long life cycles and predicable usually stable demand.

The triple a supply chain

Never has so much technology and brainpower been applied to improving supply chain performance. Turning your product from innovative to functional makes sense when the variety offered is not really necessary. Make your chain more efficient for functional products, or more responsive for innovative products. How confident are you in your evaluation? This does not mean that there are not any physical costs, but compared to market mediation costs are less significant. At the end, it is always up to us to decide. Change your supply chain. Design the right supply chain for your product, and your profits soar. Functional products have stable, predictable demand, long life cycle, and low profit margins.

Trucks delivered the required new stock that day. Let us see why. The problem is that the credibility of this software depends on the employee who inputs data into the system.

How can a company overcome this mismatch.

aligning supply chain strategies with product uncertainties

After reviewing the article, one can be confident that the replacement of highly paid workers was what made Circuit City perform poorly, which led to Circuit City closing. Companies in order to avoid a decrease of their profits, introduce innovative characteristics into their products.

Every morning, retailers electronically informed Campbell of their demand for its products and inventory levels in their distribution centers. Twenty years ago companies could supply an innovative product with an efficient chain because market was allowing long lead times for delivery.

Inevitably, the consequences are enormous. But what if your product is innovative—it has great variety, a short life cycle, high profit margins, and volatile demand?

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(PDF) What Is the Right Supply Chain for Your Product