Writing a press release for business

As well, it must be factual and not infringe on copyrights or trademarks, not be libelous or defamatory, not invade anyone's privacy and definitely not breach any confidentiality. Your headline has to appeal to editors, too.

In addition to your press release, having a media kit available is recommended. The purpose of a release is to notify the media about your new operation.

So critical!

press release format 2019

Review the various departments of a media's editorial staff to determine which people should receive features for consideration, as opposed to news. The Contact Us Section At the very bottom of your press release, include a name and contact information for the reporter to reach out to for more details and to schedule an interview.

How do you attract the attention of your local news, let alone The New York Times? Since releases are posted online, you might draw prospective customers and backlinks to your site as well. The headline should include information about your product, service, new innovation or a newsworthy development related to your new company.

In the first paragraph, immediately tell reporters why they should share your announcement by explaining why their readers care. Most press releases are limited to one to three pages, depending on the complexity of the information.

Also, distributing your release to the media isn't the only way to get the word out on your story. Get the free reading list Get our Branding reading list delivered right to your inbox.

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How To Write A Press Release For Your Small Business