Writing chinese on computer

The user must select the desired character from homophones, which are common in Chinese. While the phonetic system is easy to learn, choosing appropriate Chinese characters slows typing speed.

In Windows 8 and earlier versions, Chinese handwriting was bundled with the language pack downloads, even though language packs have actually never been required to make Chinese handwriting work - or Chinese typing or reading for that matter.

Despite its steeper learning curve, this method remains popular in Chinese communities that use traditional Chinese characterssuch as Hong Kong and Taiwan ; the method allows very precise input, thus allowing users to type more efficiently and quickly, provided they are familiar with the fairly complicated rules of the method.

It assigned thirty base shapes or strokes to different keys and adopted a new way of categorizing Chinese characters. Due to these complexities, there is no "standard" method.

Input methods based on other varieties of Chineselike Hakka or Minnanalso exist. They use the IME input method editor to type Chinese.

How do I type Chinese on Mac?

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Chinese input methods for computers